The greatest Academy Award (Oscar) winning Animated Short Films

When looking for inspiration for your next project, a great place to start are short films, that have proven to know how a good story is told. The Animated Shorts in this Article are some of the best you’ll see and guaranteed to stay in your mind for quite some time.

Learn how applying the “rule of thirds” will drastically improve your renders

This quite simple rule of thumb, which was first documented in the 18th century, is today used by filmmakers and artists, who want to achieve a more interesting image composition.

Quick-tip: Straight alpha VS premultiplied alpha

Have you ever tried figuring out the difference between Straight Alpha and Premultiplied alpha and when to use what?

Learn how successful short films structure their story

You have the technical skills to create a short film, but your storytelling lacks depth? Learn how successful short films and even most of todays feature films structure the story, to make it compelling to the audience.

3 simple reasons why beveling objects instantly adds realism to your renders

Ever wondered what beveling is good for? Today almost every major 3D Application has an option to bevel the edges of a mesh. Here are three simple reasons why you should start applying it to your objects.