What is CG Director?

Cg Director is all about animated short films, 3d Animation and the world of visual storytelling. Learn how to excite your audience with storytelling techniques that work, how professional and established filmmaking techniques can make your visuals more appealing and how careful storyboard planning and advanced post-production methods will take your short films to the next level!

Who is behind CG Director?

My name is Alex and I recently graduated from Filmschool majoring in Film and Animation as well as cinematography.

I am addicted to creating profound and meaningful short films, am excited by discovering new CG techniques and am eager to learn as much as I possibly can about creating 3D animation and animated short films. Having created several well-received and award-winning short films, I am eager to share my knowledge with you.

CG Director is for you if…

  • .. you too are addicted to creating short films that are profound and break the mold.
  • .. you want to learn about creating (CG/animated/stop-motion/..) short films.
  • .. you know the software and want to learn about what meaningful storytelling in short films is all about.
  • .. you have a heart for music and spot-on sound effects, that will take your short to the next level.
  • .. you are eager to learn techniques, that make your renderings look more believable, professional and visually appealing.

If this sounds interesting, go ahead and start browsing!