Best CPU For Rendering (Updated)

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Have you ever wondered what Processor (CPU) is best for rendering?

Finding the best CPU For Rendering, that is also as cheap as possible, is something you will want to do before building a new Computer for 3D Rendering, Workstation for After Effects, a dedicated Rendernode, a Renderfarm or even a Laptop for Animation.

3ds max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender and many other 3D Software packages have in-built and 3rd-party CPU Render Engines that all rely on maximum CPU multi Core Performance.

Since there are so many different CPU types with different clock-speeds, core-counts, hyperthreading and brand, it can be difficult to select the right platform to go with.

AMD Ryzen, Threadripper, Intel i5, i7, i9, XEON, Pentium, some with lots of Cores and others with high Core-Clocks.

In the end it all comes down to raw CPU Rendering performance, that I will be measuring with Cinebench R15, the currently leading Benchmarking Software for CPU Rendering Performance.

Of course there are lots of lists online to check cinebench points, but what is most important is how well the Performance / Dollar ($) ratio is.

This is why I have created a Performance/Dollar ($) Table for you to sort to your liking.

This will show you the best Rendering CPU for the Money:

Best CPU for 3D Rendering

Performance / Dollar ($): Higher is better. Prices are from August 2018.

CPU NameCoresGHzCinebenchPrice($)Performance/Dollar
CPU NameCoresGHzCinebenchPrice($)Performance/Dollar
AMD Ryzen R5 260063.413071697.71
AMD Ryzen R7 1700X83.415402157.16
AMD Ryzen R7 170083.014262096.80
AMD Ryzen R7 1800X83.616132396.74
AMD Ryzen R5 160063.211471696.71
AMD Ryzen R5 140043.27871196.61
AMD Ryzen R5 2600X63.613732096.57
AMD Threadripper 1920X123.524313996.09
AMD Ryzen R5 1500X43.58031395.77
AMD Ryzen R5 1600X63.312502195.71
AMD Threadripper 1900X83.817112995.71
AMD Ryzen R7 2700X83.717833155.66
AMD Ryzen R7 270083.215262705.61
Intel i5 840062.89661795.39
AMD Threadripper 1950X163.430625995.11
Intel i7 870063.213892894.80
AMD Threadripper 2920X123.526046504.00
Intel i7 8700K63.714283593.79
AMD Threadripper 2950X163.532108503.77
Intel i7 7800X63.513333693.62
AMD Threadripper 2970WX243.0432312993.32
Intel i7 8086K63.713864253.26
Intel i7 7700K44.29963103.21
Intel i9 9900K83.620776503.19
Intel i7 7740X44.39863292.99
Intel i5 9600K63.710683602.96
Intel i5 7600K43.87012392.93
AMD Threadripper 2990WX323.0522417992.90
Intel i7 7820X83.617345992.89
Intel i7 7820X83.617345992.89
Intel i7 9700K83.615425502.80
Intel i7 6800K63.410964192.61
Intel XEON E5-2620 v482.110964202.60
Intel i9 7900X103.321699992.17
Intel i7 6850K63.612355702.16
Intel i9 7920X122.9243812002.03
Intel i9 7940X143.1284914501.96
Intel i9 7960X162.8316117001.89
Intel i9 7980XE182.6345519001.81
Intel i7 6900K83.2156210491.48
Intel XEON E5-2650 v4122.2158912001.32
Intel i7 5960X83.0132410691.23
Intel i7 6950X103.0178816491.08
Intel XEON E5-2687W v4123.0186024440.76
Intel XEON E5-2699 v4222.2246045000.54


Now you know the best Performance / Price ratio of different CPUs.

Keep in mind, to truly find not just the best performing CPU for Rendering, but the best overall system for your rendering needs, you should also consider:

  • Power consumption: Does the CPU need lots of power and drive up your power bill?
  • Single vs Multi-Socket Systems: What is the overall system price per CPU? Many Intel Xeons for example are available as 2 socket systems, that might make an overall system price per CPU cheaper.
  • Heat: Does the CPU get very hot? Will you need a loud and expensive Cooling Solution?
  • Cooling Solution: Some CPUs such as the AMD Ryzens have a CPU Cooler included in the package already.
  • Mainboard price: A cheaper CPU might not be so cheap if you need an expensive Mainboard for it.

AMD Ryzen 2700X vs Intel i7 8700K

I have been asked this several times as these CPUs are both extremely popular. 2700X vs 8700K. Which one is better?

So I compiled a quick main feature list of both CPUs:

2700X: 8 Cores, Cheaper, Faster at Rendering, Included Cooler, Stays Cooler, Slightly less-snappy active working

i7 8700K: 6 Cores, Snappier active Working, currently very expensive, needs extra Cooler, can get very hot

So if you put everything but performance aside it usually comes down to: Are you rendering a lot (get a 2700X), or actively work on this PC a lot (get a i7 8700K).

One of these two CPUs is usually what you would choose when building a Computer for Animation or a Computer for 3D Modeling, as they are some of the highest-clocking CPUs out there.

Best CPU for Rendering on a Laptop

Now, all of the above are CPUs that would be built into a 3D Rendering Computer or Workstation. If you are interested using something more mobile, say, a Laptop for Animation and would also like great CPU Rendering Speed on this, then the following List is for you:

CPU NameCoresGHzCinebench
CPU NameCoresGHzCinebench
Intel Core i9-8950HK62.91269
Intel Core i7-8850H62.61023
Intel Core i7-8750H62.21063
Core i5-8400H42.5819
Core i5-8300H42.3795
AMD Ryzen 7 2700U42.2662
AMD Ryzen 5 2500U42.0584
Intel Core i7-7820HK42.9784
Intel Core i7-6820HK42.7694

Benchmarks vs Real World

One should be aware, that benchmarks are of course not always representative of all types of real-world workloads.

A Threadripper 2990WX for example is extremely fast at rendering Scenes that are less Memory intensive but does not scale linearly when rendering memory heavy scenes.

There are lots of steps involved in Rendering:

  • Preparation time
  • Mesh exporting
  • Texture loading time
  • Cache building time
  • Ray-Tracing Tree-building time
  • Light-Cache and other GI-Caching times

.. to only name a few. These are all rendering steps that are done before the more well known bucket rendering stage even starts.

Some of these stages might even be restricted to single Cores.

Lots of these Benchmarks, such as Cinebench, mainly measure the Bucket Rendering Phase where a max Multi-Core CPU usually pulls ahead easily, as the underlying scenes are usually not all that complex.

Long story short:

Make sure to analyze the type of scenes you are planning on rendering. Measure what rendering stage usually takes up the most time in one of your typical scenes. Keep an eye on your Task Manager to see if the current stage uses all Cores or only a few.

Most CPU Renderers nowadays show the current rendering stage somewhere in the render window like in the example below from the Cinema 4D Picture Viewer:

Cinema 4D Render Stages - CPU Rendering


What kind of Computer are you building? Feel free to ask for help in the comments.


Alex from CGDirector - post author

Hi, I am Alex, a Freelance 3D Generalist, Motion Designer and Compositor.

I have built a multitude of Computers, Workstations and Renderfarms and love to optimize them as much as possible.

Feel free to comment and ask for suggestions on your PC-Build or 3D-related Problem, I'll do my best to help out!




I am looking to upgrade my computer to improve Arnold render speed.

My current system is pretty dated;

Processor: Dual Intel Xeon E5- 2640 @ 2.5 GHz (6 cores + 12 logical processors each)
Max Freq: 3 GHz
L3 Cache: 15mb per CPU
Memory: 32 GB
Type: DDR3
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680

I’m thinking just upgrading the processor to the Intel i9 7980XE, but not sure if that would solve all of my painfully slow rendering problems.

What would you suggest?




Hello Alex !

I would dissagree with your words about 2990wx and rendering
As you might know 2990wx have some troubles with memory controller allocation inside chips , it means that from 4 dies only 2 are directly connected with memory while other 2 goes throughout that first dies, it causes huge problems in heavy rendering , by heavy i mean memory hungry tasks , I have my eyes on 2990wx and im using renderman , some users are badly complaining about 2990wx performance with renderman , sometimes it is even worse than 8core intel , memory issue bottlenecks whole stuff during computation.

In 29th October AMD released memory patch called “dynamic local mode” that should improve situation, And I dont know how it behaves now , do you aware of problem that is described above and are you 2990wx owner ?

Thank you for your time !

Raphael Matto

I’d like to build a system specifically for rendering in Arnold (non-GPU renderer atm). The AMD 1920x looks amazing for the price. I don’t care about any other parts—how can I discover the cheapest build that will work with that processor and be reasonably reliable? Thanks!

Al Jubair

Hello! What would be the best pc build for zbrush sculpting,maya rigging/animation,render & unreal/unity3D development.My budget is near $2200.Thank you.

Michael Maardt

fantastic, thank U


I quote upfront for 3d artworks. Single still frames at around 6000px square. I use ZBrush and C4D cpu render, currently on a dual Xeon pushing 1300 cinbench points. (8 year old comp).

I am looking to move to the 2990wx as my main area of work that feels like it’s waisting my time is tweaks n test render results. I work with v high res models n textures and I can loose hours to waiting incrementally between changes/edits.

I’m happy that the 2990wx will save me tons of time in that area, but I want to ensure it at least matches my duel Xeon (westmere 2.66- 2x6core) in software such as Photoshop. Do you have any idea about this, or any good benchmark resources please?

Thank you


Hi Alex,

We’re planning to use a network render server or remote server for rendering for the two computer. we will use our computer for modeling and then transfer it to a computer server for fast and High quality render image. What specs of workstation do you recommend that suited for this softwares:

AutoCad 2018
Sketch up 2018
V-ray 3.6

Thanks .


Hello.. for 3ds Max PHOTOMETRIC rendering which is the suggested processor, graphics card, amount of RAM.. photometric rendering is required for large scale projects, does multi threading help ?
currently using Core i7 – 4960X CPU 3.60 Ghz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Black – it manages but very slow..
Thanks in advance for your help


Thanks Alex.. yes i mean the ‘ies’ files.. we use only them (and it is a nightmare to explain to clients that ‘ies’ renders take much longer than the general V-Ray).
We are not using Mental Ray, instead we use V-Ray.
But the above config is not fast enough – intend to buy a custom which is substantially faster than the above specs – would be a lot of help if you can suggest.


Hello Alex. I have narrowed my selection for GPUs down to 3-4 and I would appreciate some feedback!
I’m only using Blender, Maya, Houdini. Going for the best value for rendering. NO GAMING!!! I don’t care about power consumption too much.

Radeon Pro Duo Polaris – 620USD – questions: Will temps be a problem? Is this card better in value than the others in terms of rendering? CG geek’s video shows it killed 1080 ti but blender benchmarks website shows it a little worse???

1080 Ti – 700USD – questions – Is it much worth it to spend close to another 100USD on this card?

Vega 64 – 500USD – seems to be the sweet-spot. Very close to performance of 1080 Ti in Blender benchmarks, However is the pro duo worth the upgrade for “future proofing” with its 16GB Vram? Will the 8GB Vram be enough for huge scenes?

2x RX 580 – 440USD – Thought I’d throw this in. On paper 2 will be just as good as vega 64 for less. Opinions?



Hi Alex, i need to build a computer for rendering in Cinema 4D.R16 4d. I use V-Ray plugin for C4d 1.9 ( v-ray 2.55).
So , i gently asking you, which CPU you suggest me? let’s say that , if needed, i will use the computer in photoshop as multitasking ( in the same time with rendering). For GPU i was reading that GTX 1080 8 Gb is good. Thank you. Kind regards.


Hi I am Arun ,I need a best configuration for work station , for Maya v ray rendering,redshift etc


Hello Alex,

I want to make a CAD workstation.. budget isn’t a concern but nothing tooooo over the top. I want to run 3ds max, maya, houdini, c4d, octane and redshift render engine. I wont game on it at all pretty much, just when a new game comes out and its hype, i can join in with friends, but nothing extensive, I was looking into parts and it looks like:

Intel i7 7820x/threadripper 1920x/i7 8700k

h60 watercooler

Quadro P2000/vega 64/1070ti/1080

16gb 3200 mhz

Im not sure if im close at all to what i need but any advice is helpful.
Also i dont know much about mobos. Thanks!


Hi Alex,

My question is a tad bit different from everyone else below, so I figured i’d ask. We’d like to build a cpu at work that can serve as a 3d rendering monster. Basically, our first priority is generating extremely high res large scale 3d models from photo sets in PhotoScan Pro. The computer will basically run the OS and Photoscan.. and that’s it. All of our other video editing/photoediting will be done on our current workstations. When the computer is not devoted towards generating 3d models in Photoscan, a coworker of mine would like to utilize whatever computer we build as a rendering slave for Cinema4d, Fusion, DaVinci Resolve, among other things..

We’re a not-for profit, so we’d like to get as much bang for the buck as possible. Last night I priced out a dell with dual xeon 28 cores, 1.5 terabytes of ram, and insane video cards for over 100K… that’s totally not in our budget… but the specs of that machine made me smile.

What processor/ram/video card combination should we be looking into?


Hey Alex,

This is really important to me, I have to choose from ryzen 5 2600/r7 1700, I like to do simple prototype on cad, read multiple article and gaming. Gaming is not my highest priority tho, I would really appreciate if you could help me out!


Hey Rahul,
The 1700 will be slightly better for CPU Rendering, the 2600 slightly better for working on. Both are quite similar and a good choice.



Hi Alex ,
Next week is my boyfriend birthday, he is Architect and he is using maya, 3Dmax, revit,Rhyno and.. I decided to buying for him new PCU, but I don’t have any idea about the best I can do for him, my budget is 2000_2500d dollars , can u help me plz and suggest me for building the best PCU according to my budget? Thank you


Hey Ella,
Go Check this page. It describes what PC you would need for Cinema 4D. 3dsMax, refit, Rhino are very similar to Cinema 4D so this PC configuration will work very well for them too:



what about the ”AMD Radeon RX 560” ?


Thats a GPU, not a CPU.

James manlangit

Hi Alex!

My i7 4790 recently gave up on me and I was thinking of buying a new cpu. Now I’m using 4th Gen so obviously I need to buy a new mobo and mem as well. I’ve been going through bundles cause I don’t have much at the moment but which would you recommend more for someone who does zbrush/hard surface modeling in maya along more and a bit rendering in vray. I7 8700 or ryzen r7 2700? The bundle I saw with the 8700 comes with an aorus game 3 Mobo and the r7 comes with an asus b350 plus. My video card at the moment is a 780 gtx zotac amp edition and memory that comes with either bundles would be ddr4 16gb. I’m also using a corsair cx600 which would be ok I guess to support my new rig? I’ve got 4 fans and 1 radiator. Thank you for your time!


Hello. please forgive my google translator, I’m Ukrainian
I’m trying to build my first computer to work in 3d (architecture and interior design)
I will use the CPU rendering.
Dispersal is not expected
In search of an optimal package of prices.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
GPU: MSI PCI-Ex GeForce GTX 1060 OC 6GB GDDR (192 bit) (1544/8008)
RAM: Kingston DDR4-2400 PC4-19200 HyperX Fury 16 GB in the future upgrade to 64 GB (4-16 GB)
SSD: Samsung 960 EVO series 250gb M.2. ????
CPU cooler: be careful! Shadow rock thin
Motherboard: Gigabyte – GA-AX370-Gaming K5 ???
Power supply: Aerocool KCAS-700 700W. ????

Question 1 Motherboard
Which motherboard is best for Ryzen 7 2700x?
I’ve heard about problems with updating BIOS for Pinnacle Ridge processors. (Does the problem solve x470?)

Question 2 SSD
Should I take the Samsung 960 EVO? Or can I manage the white ssd budget?

Question 3 BP
Which power supply should I choose?


i am going to bye new pc for 3ds max, maya, af and nuke.
advice me configuration…..

Princess Ann

Hi! I was wondering what processor is the best for rendering, Intel or AMD Ryzen?

The programs that I would be using are:
SketchUp and Vray

Thank you.


Hi Alex, first of all, nice article.
I’m an amateur 3D modeler and recently I’m planning on changing my CPU since my old Quad Core Q9400 is not strong enough for my future projects.

My thoughs are between Intel Core i7 – 8700 (with or without K) and AMD Ryzen 7 2700 (with or without X)

And the software I’m using is:
Blender (mainly)
Substance Painter
After Effects
And in a future I would like to use Maya and Zbrush

Based on other sites I think the Intel choice could be better as some of the software I mentioned seems to be more optimized for Intel and uses one single core while editing, also I hope the prize to drop due to the refresh coming out soon.

Ryzen seems to get pretty close with this new generation but I have some issues looking up for tests for some of the softwares, mainly found for the previous generation and on pugetsystems (i.e) seems to recommend Intel almost everytime.

I know both would be good choices but I to hear some advice from more experienced users.

Regards and thanks 🙂


We are planing on building a new pc. we are on a really tight budget, the system will be basically used for 3ds max vray rendering (interior designing), Photoshop, illustrator.
Which one will be better i3 7100 or Ryzen 3 2200G.
if we go with ryzen we can upgrade our processor in future without buying a newer motherboard. With intel 7th gen we have to buy a new motherboard for upgrading to new gen.

Please suggest. Sorry for bad English.
(and suggest a budget motherboard for ryzen for future upgrades)


i3 7100? with only 2 cores , while 8100 has 4?


But i dont know if hyperthreading works better/worse in soft you listed.

Only say that number of cores may variate in different intel cpus . As example pentium g4560 has
2 cores 4 threads – but lower frequency. From 7 gen, If im not mistaken .
And if im not mistaken it supports the same motherboard as i3 7100.

Dont know, how true is this site , but it i think it may help

sorry for english, too


And i dont know enough about other differents between i3 7100 and pentium g4560. If im not mistaken, as example, smartcache. And how dedicated cpu will work with listed soft . So i dont give any advice.


Hey Alex, congrats for the great article.
I want to ask you for advice what type of configuration do I need if I use the following software (sorted by importance):
3dsmax and vray
After Effects

I need it mostly for modelling/rendering animations.
Thanks a lot and keep up the good work 🙂


What processor do you recommend for using Nuke,AE and C4D on a daily basis. Xeon or Intel i9?


Hello 🙂

I am a freelancer and using adobe products
for 2d animation/compositing/rendering etc.
I just wanna ask if ryzen 5 is good enough or ill go with i5?

Ad Funkey

is this setup good for my purpose:
my requirements is : Thunderbolt 3 + 8 dims memory + more than 3 pcie
i will use it like :
unraid os that host vms . vm for transcode videos to mp4 in 1080p, vm for plex server due the big library, vm for a gaming machine that i will pass through the 1080ti to it which will play full max settings in 1080. 8 vms for lab(active directory, xenapp, firewall vm, 5 client os’s).
the backbone network is 10G but for my direct access to the storage i will be using the Thunderbolt 3 cable for speed.

1- Intel – Core i9-7940X 3.1GHz 14-Core Processor
2- Noctua – NH-D14 SE2011 CPU Cooler
3- Gigabyte – X299 DESIGNARE EX ATX LGA2066 Motherboard
4- Intel – X540
5- asus strix 1080 ti oc 11g
6- G.Skill – Trident Z 32GB (8 x 16GB) DDR4-3733 Memory
7- Corsair – AX1500i 1500W 80+ Titanium Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply
8- 16-PORT Int, 6GB/S Sata+sas, Pcie 2.0; In The Box: Lsi Sas 9201-16I, Qig, Driver
9- CableCreation Mini SAS 36Pin (SFF-8087) Male to 4x Angle SATA 7Pin female Cable, Mini SAS Host/Controller to 4 SATA Target/Backplane Cable, 3.3FT
10- 2 nvme
11- 20 hdd wd red(will start with 16 first)

if there is any advice to bring the cost down i am open to any advice, only if there is no compromise of the performance. also can you recommend me an ecc ram for the X299 DESIGNARE EX . it says it support ecc.

Ad Funkey

i forget to mention two main things, nas for most of the storage and second is that i will be transcoding through plex.

Harris Mantzouranis

Hello every one

I am trying to build a new PC for work (architecture and interior design)

Mainly i use the following Software

Sketcup Pro 2018
Vray for sketchup 3.60

First Proposal

AMD CPU Ryzen 7 2700X Wraith Prism (AM4/3.70 GHz/20 MB)
Gigabyte Motherboard Aorus X470 Gaming 7 WiFi (X470/AM4/DDR4)
Ram Corsair 32GB 3333MHz
GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
SSD Samsung 960 EVO NVMe 250GB
SSD Samsung 860 EVO 500GB

Second Proposal
AMD CPU Threadripper 1900X (sTR4/4.00 GHz/20 MB)
Gigabyte Motherboard X399 Aorus Gaming 7 (X399/sTR4/DDR4)
Ram Corsair 32GB 3333MHz
GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
SSD Samsung 960 EVO NVMe 250GB
SSD Samsung 860 EVO 500GB

Third Propasal
Intel CPU Core i7 8700K (1151/4.7 GHz/12 MB)
Gigabyte Motherboard Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 (Z370/1151/DDR4)
Ram Corsair 32GB 3333MHz
GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
SSD Samsung 960 EVO NVMe 250GB
SSD Samsung 860 EVO 500GB

please let me know witch one should i choose


Hi Alex…love your Post……need some help here, i wanna build my workstation. Softwares to use are Unreal engine, 3Dmax, lumion, Adobe Suite,4K video editing,after effect, PBR rendering, Iray, redshift. I owned already GTX 1080ti, PSU 1500 Watt,SSD nvme Evo 960 1 TB, 10 TB spnning HDd, So which processor is the best to choose, I7 7820x (equals ) or Threadripper ? And for gpu render engine (redshift/vray etc) is that possible to use mining rig? Maybe 8x GTX 1080Ti ? The target is to render complex scene 1 to 5 second perframe ( FHD quality)


Hi Alex,

Very nice review I m actually looking around for the best itx workstation possible with water cooling. I m mainly using AutoCAD, Blender, SketchUp and 3D Rendering with V-Ray or Artlantis + a lot of photoshop too.
I have been seeing a lot of different articles but I really don t know if I should go R7 2700X or i7 8700k.
Not sure it exists or will exist a threadripper or Xeon or i9 for mini Itx.
What would you recommend and being future proof? (No budget minimum required).

Thanks a lot for this awesome article

Fred Laruccia

Hey Alex, thanks for this amazing post. Iv been doing a research about a build im planning on doing soon. I work as a 3D artist more focused in the Lighting and Rendering stage of the production. But sometimes I need to do a bit of simulation (fur) and occasionally composite animated scenes. Anyway, here is what im planning on building:

Processor – Rayzen Threadripper 1950x (16 core)
Motherboard – ASUS Prime X399 (im not going for the Zenith Extreme coz of the high cost and im not sure if I would need such board)
Ram – G.Skill TridentZ 4×8 (32gb) 3000mHz
HD – 2x SSD MP500 120gb (240gb)
Cooling system – Master cooler 240 (water cooling)
Power supply – Cooler Master V750
Graphic Card – 1x 1080ti Black Edition (cheaper than the Zotac)
Casing – Corsair 780t

Im not sure about the casing. Since im still trying to find a good measure of price and quality. Please give me your thoughts regarding this build.

BTW im not going for double Xeon or i7 coz form my research the Threadripper is a good price over power option.



Hy, I want to know what system I would i need for editing video in after efects or premier pro in 4k. Tnx


Hello Alex,
I was asked by my friend to help her with upgrading her PC.

She is now using:

P5Q SE PLUS motherboard
NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT graphic card
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz CPU
2x2GB RAM PC2-6400

Her day to day software are:

The goal is to decrease rendering with Artlantis as low as we can for a sensible price. Right now it takes up to 20 hours as a maximum.

The budget we have for our “shopping” is 1500-2000 dollars. Cheaper is better but we are looking long term. We can save some by decreasing RAM for a year lets say and buy some more next year but for rendering,
I assume RAM is not the most important.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


What do you think of the E5-2650 V4, where would it fit in the list?


Hi Alex,

I was wondering which is better, to upgrade to quadro or upgrade my processor to i7 / AMD?

Current spec i3-6100, GTX 1030 D5 2GB, RAM 8 gb DDR4 kingston hyper x
Seems just not enough to work with 3dsmax 2017, it crashed so often.

As for the best bang for buck “upgrade”, what would you recommend?
I was thinking about the Ryzen R5 1600 though.


Hello, i have computre Hp z800 , 24G Ram, – intel (R) Xeon(R) CPU E5640 @2.6GHZ 16 Cores – qraphic card INVIDIA Quadro 2000, and any version of 3ds max work slowly and always the software close, I want advice please, if i should to change the configuration tell me what i must to buy, Thnks ,
Best Regards

kostas kas

Goodmonrning. I am planning to built a new pc. I mostly work on 3dsmax with Vray, autocad, Photoshop and Maya. I am between ryzen 1800x and i7-8700. Which one you think is better for me?

kostas kas

ryzen 1700/1700x/1800x and i7-8700 i wanted to write 🙂 Sorry for my bad english


Ive had the ryzen 1700 Palles with a 1080 ti for 6 months now and Its pretty Good. Its gonna run even better if you overclock it too 3,7 GHz. So Ill defenitley go with the ryzen for 3D tasks and rendering.


Hi, I’m new on building own pc, I used to buy it. But now I need a strong pc. I work with 3d modelling and rendering, I saw a computer with these specs.

AMD RYZEN Threadriper 1950X (3.8GHz, 40MB Cache, 32x Cores, Turbo 4.0GHz) CPU
MSI X399 SLI PLUS TR4 DDR4 USB3.1 RYZEN Threapripper Gaming Motherboard
MSI GEFORCE GT 1030 2GB OC EDITION DirectX12 Graphics Card
500W 80+ High Performance Power Supply
16GB QUAD Channel DDR4 2400MHz High Performance Gaming RAM with Heat Spreader
250GB SSD Upto 500MB/s + Speed Ultra-Fast Solid State Drive (OS DRIVE)
6x 120mm RGB Fans + Dual Tempered Glass
Corsair Hydro H100i V2 240mm High

Please, tell me if it is good for me… I work in Achviz and interior design. Sorry my bad English.

Best regards



i need to build new pc
i7 8700k or ryzen 7 1700x for rendering in 3dsmax + vray, after effect, premiere?, i need better value, so i can get other component such as bigger SSD or better ram. thank you,

sorry for my bad english 😀


Great read! Thanks for this.

I’m in process of starting a PC Build.
I do motion graphics in After Effects and C4D – and building my Nuke compositing skills. I will do the occasional editing in Premiere, and coloring in Resolve — finishing in 1080 mostly.

The main purpose of my new system is to work on C4D + Redshift.

I was thinking of the Intel i9 7940X at first but have switched my decision to build a Threadripper 1950X on x399 instead w/ 2 x 1080 TI’s (with room to expand later) and PCIe M2 SSD’s. Any thoughts on that?

I know that viewport performance for animation is helped by faster single clock speeds, so sometimes lower core counts are best… but I feel having a strong CPU can’t be bad.


64 Pci Lanes is the first…. if you relay do 3d / and funny on back end with resolve…
Redshift is a GPU only thing.
-1080p that causes a ” relative” normal setup. and i work with 2.
– Thread-ripper 1920x ( 400,-usd, and yes make MY MONEYBAG GREAT AGAIN / i am an European hardcore-capitalist 🙂 )
_I7 8700
_ mass pf M2 ( take the colder ones! bit slower but fast enough..)
– Gtx 1070 / and Amd vega…
.. all works fine and for a 30% of Money the as-holes of north-Kalif-ornia-it-mafia would take 2015.

David Custom 3D MOdels

Many thanks for the great info…


im working as motion graphic artist.. Software is 3d s max 15.,with v ray rendering.. C4d. And after effects cc…(, element 3d)
I want to built new pc.
Im want to with. Ryzen 7 1700 or ryzen 5 1600x
Gpu zotac 1070 80gb ,mini
16,gb ram..
Want your advice on this..
Specially Ryzen 5 1600x or 7 1700
Thusus in my budget..


What you think about xeon 2620 ,where it would fit into this list