CGDirector Survey Results 2019

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CGDirector Survey Results 2019

At the beginning of this year, for the first time, we started adding polls to our posts that you could vote on.

And voted you did! 🙂

With over 20k votes, participation and feedback has been astonishing and we are proud to share the results.

GPU or CPU Rendering

We asked the 3D-Artists of you if you mainly used CPU or GPU rendering in your daily work and the results are extremely close.

Just a few years ago this would have been an easy win for CPU-Rendering, but given how mature GPU Render Engines such as Octane, Vray or Redshift have become, the outcome isn’t too surprising:

CPU or GPU Rendering in 2019

What Render-Engine?

The results of the survey above won’t make much sense without asking what Render Engines exactly you are mainly using, if you had to choose just one for your everyday render-work:

What Render Engine to use in 2019

Vray leading the ranking is not surprising, and we will include the GPU / CPU differentiation here next time.

Cycles ranking at #2 though is quite surprising at first glance, though everything falls in place when we take a look at the ranks in the next survey:

What is your main 3D-Software

Choosing just one 3D-Software is difficult, especially for professionals that tend to hop in and out of all kinds of Apps in their pipeline.

If you had to choose just one main 3D-Software though, this is how you voted:

What is your main 3D-Software

And there we have it. Blender ranks #1 which also explains why Cycles is so far up in the Render-Engine charts.

The other ranks fall in place as I, personally, would have expected. That 4% “Other” voting option will have to be looked at closer next year. Curious what other software you are using.

Self-Assemble a PC or buy pre-built?

CGDirector wouldn’t be a Hardware-centered site if we didn’t ask you how you get a new PC set up. 69% of you said you assembled your PC yourself, with the rest buying pre-built.

Build yourself or buy pre-built

What CPU is on your to-buy list?

We love to upgrade our PCs and research new Hardware and Benchmarks when release dates come closer.

We asked you what your next CPU buy would be. I should mention, this survey was completed before Threadripper 3rd gen was released and blew everyone away.

Still, Intel 2066 X-Series CPUs don’t seem to fare well with you.

What CPU should you buy

How many Monitors?

And finally a more general question on how many Monitors you use in your everyday work.

How many monitors do you use

The polls in our articles have been enlightening and we will make sure to create more content according to the results.

Blender and VRAY users especially should benefit from this 🙂

Have questions on your PC-build? Let us know in the comments!


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I found this website very helpful to build PC. Is there any website like this for camera and lenses or for film production like jib/crane or audio equipments or whole package for film production. Because of this website I can edit for movies or even start render farm I like to gather same knowledge in film production equipments as well

Alex Glawion

Thanks Dinesh. I am not sure about Video Equipment pages unfortunately. Will have to search the web a bit. Our Team doesn’t have such a page.

But it’s a nice idea, maybe we can start one 🙂



I have searched everywhere its bit and pieces not like in one place. It will be good idea to start. Good luck.