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Help upgrading an old build (Ci7 3770)



Hey gang! Will try to be brief, thanks in advance for any advice.
Found a very old built while cleaning my last place, it’s not powerful but it actually let me play some games back in the day. Looking to upgrade it to its max capacity for gaming, but my... things have changed a lot.

Want to keep the motherb, ECS, X77H2-A3.

want to upgrade any of these (and add whatever extras needed):

Ram: dd3 4x8 (32GB)
Proc: intel Core i7 3770
Gpu: 2009 ViewMax Nvidia (3GB)

what do you recommend? No clue what is compatible with that MB anymore.

thanks again!
Jerry James

Jerry James

Hardware Nerd @ CGDirector
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Jun 19, 2020
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Sadly you're stuck with that processor when using that X77 motherboard. Same with the RAM because the board doesn't support DDR4. At 32GB RAM and the i7 3770, you're already at the best that motherboard supports. The GPU can be upgraded provided you have sufficient power delivery.
Do you have any idea what sort of power supply is running on it now? And can that be upgraded if needed?