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Need your advice about PC. Specially about motherboard NZXT



Its really difficult time build computer or even buy used computer nowadays. So i found this is PC for great price but this is motherboard has so many bad reviews in internet. Would you recommend me buy this PC ?
Graphic card:Gigabyte RTX 3060TI Eagle 8GB OC
Processor: Intel Core I9 10850K 10 rdzeni 20 wątków
CPU cooling : SPC Navis 280 Evo v2 RGB +Thermall Grizzly
Motherboard:NZXT N7 Z490 White !!!!
Ram : 16 GB 3600 HyperX RGB
NMve : 500 GB Lexar NM610
HDD : 1TB Segate Barracuda
CACHE: Intel Optane 32GB
Casing : SilentiumPC Signum SG7Evo TG ARGB White MOD
Power Supply : Seasonic 650W Core
I gonna work in CINEMA 4D
Jerry James

Jerry James

Hardware Nerd @ CGDirector
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Jun 19, 2020
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If you're not looking to use any CPU render engines, this will do just fine. The motherboard isn't that great just because there are so many better options on the market at its price range. If it's tough finding parts at the moment, I'd just grab the pre-built system and get going with my work. Is there any specific motherboard feature you're looking for?