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New Rendering & Animation PC Build


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Oct 22, 2020
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I am an aspiring 3D animator and game designer, and I am looking into building a new PC for rendering and animation. My main programs are Blender (Cycles) and Unity, but I use After Effects, 3DS Max, Maya, Premiere Pro, and Unreal Engine. I only have a budget of around $2000, so any recommendations for less expensive parts or better parts would be appreciated, and I am unsure if there are any compatibility issues. My goal is to have a computer that can render quickly and take a medium-heavy workload. I live in the US and prefer parts from Amazon or Newegg.

*All links are from Newegg (except GPU)

CPU - Intel Core i9-10900K $550
Graphics Card - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 $700
Motherboard - MSI Z490-A PRO $160
RAM - G.SKILL Sniper X 32GB (4 x 8 GB) $120
SSD - Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 1TB $200
HDD - Toshiba X300 4TB x2 $230
Power Supply - Corsair HX850 $300
CPU Cooler - Fractal Design Celsius S24 Blackout $130
Case - Corsair Obsidian Series 750D $160
Operating System - Windows 10 Home $110

Subtotal $2660

It would be greatly appreciated if you could give me feedback on this PC build.

Thank you!
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Alex Glawion

CG Hardware Specialist @ CGDirector
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Jun 12, 2020
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I see no issues with that build. The components are top notch and will run your workloads excellently. The new Nvidia GPU is a great card, but it might be a while until there are enough in stock to get it at a normal price. Thumbs crossed :)

The PSU seems a bit overpriced, it should be around 200$ usually.