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Is ASUS a Good Brand? [Laptops, PC-Parts, Monitors & more]

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ASUS is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best and most revered consumer electronics companies in the world. And, frankly, the fact that it has stood the test of time and its offerings are amongst the most sought-after speaks volumes.

Few are the brands that warrant and deserve such a glowing recommendation — one that is entirely based on merit rather than hype and marketing.

ASUS, much like any other OEM, is not exempt from having bad products nor is its hardware immune to malfunctioning. It, too, manufactures components by the dozen which means that, unfortunately, a bad batch can end up shipping to consumers.

Still, if you’re looking for a company that produces high-quality products, ones that not only deliver in regards to aesthetics but also performance, ASUS is definitely the way to go.

History of ASUS

ASUSTeK (which is its full, non-stylized name) is a Taiwanese computer and electronics company founded in April 1989.

It is currently headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, and is known for manufacturing a vast array of hardware, including laptops, desktop computers, monitors, mobile phones, motherboards, graphics cards, peripherals, workstations, and so on and so forth.

ASUS Headquaters

Image Credit: ASUS

It was the fifth-largest PC vendor in unit sales back in January 2021 and, odds are, it rose even higher over the last two years.

Its product portfolio is as diverse as it is impressive, and the company itself is known for offering best-in-class hardware in a myriad of different categories (and also price points).

ASUS’ products are truly incredible — as long as they don’t malfunction. If that happens, you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle depending on your region, but more on that down below.

ASUS — Product Line-Up

ASUS has a staggeringly diverse product line-up. It’s so big, in fact, that there’s no use in covering the nitty-gritty: we’ll just focus on the product categories and highlight what’s worth your attention.

ASUS Products

Image Credit: ASUS

First of all, it has some of the best and most popular gaming laptops on the market. Ditto for its motherboards and GPUs.

Need a spectacular, high refresh rate display for your gaming endeavors? ASUS has you covered. It even has a bevy of offerings catered towards creative professionals: monitors, laptops, peripherals, and what have you.

All of this is a testament to ASUS and its attention to detail, to its understanding of the market and what people want most. This company doesn’t always stick to the landing, but it sure does succeed more often than not.

It, too, has something to offer to the budget-minded, but it’s nonetheless most known for its top-of-the-line products: the beastly gaming laptops, the jaw-dropping motherboards, the beefy GPUs, fast gaming monitors, and hardware geared towards content creators of all kinds.

Computer Hardware

Other than laptops, ASUS is mostly known for its phenomenal motherboards and graphics cards, the likes of which rank quite highly with both consumers and reviewers alike. It all varies from one generation to the next, though, so just keep that in mind.

In addition, ASUS also manufactures cases, power supplies, external graphics docks, external SSDs, and a host of other hardware, some of which are more impressive than others.

Gaming Monitors

The field of gaming monitors keeps on getting more and more competitive with each passing month and, at the time of this writing, ASUS is one of the few companies spearheading the “revolution.”

Its monitors are absolutely stunning, both visually and spec-wise.

They obviously command a high price, but if you’re a super competitive gamer and want the best display money can buy, ASUS’ offerings can definitely deliver.

Laptops for Content Creators

ASUS is one of the few companies that has a very thriving, dedicated line of laptops geared toward content creators.

These machines are not only incredibly powerful but are also specced with jaw-dropping OLED displays along with numerous different bells and whistles (or gimmicks, depending on the way you look at it), like programmable dials beneath the keyboard.

All things considered, if you’re after a powerful, well-rounded package (and you have a sizable budget), definitely give these a look.

Gaming Laptops

ASUS’ gaming laptops need no introduction — writing out a long, drawn-out paragraph about its ROG line-up would be completely redundant.

These machines are some of the best and most powerful on the market and, perhaps most importantly, they come in various different sizes and form factors: clamshell designs, 2-in-1s, hybrids, you name it.

They’re some of the most sought-after laptops on the market and, well, there’s a very good reason why.

Mobile Phones

ASUS isn’t generally known for its mobile phones, but it does have a few truly stellar ones — namely those that fall under the Zenfone umbrella.

These devices stand out from the crowd for their incredible feature set and, perhaps most surprisingly, “minuscule” dimensions.

The Zenfone 9, in particular, has garnered a metric ton of praise for its build quality, performance, and battery life, and is arguably the best compact smartphone on the market.


ASUS’ ultrabooks also warrant a mention — they’re absolutely incredible and are often the ones pushing the boundaries; they’re some of the thinnest, most beautiful ultrabooks money can buy, and, perhaps surprisingly, they’re often a fair bit more powerful than one would expect.

Better yet, some models are equipped with 16:10 OLED displays and surprisingly tactile keyboards, alongside a very respectable (if a bit austere) selection of ports.

All in all, their faults are few in number and their strengths are many. So, if you’re in the market for a thin-and-light ultrabook — one that can still pack a punch and handle a wide range of (moderately demanding) workflows — look no further.


ASUS has been making peripherals for many a year now, but it’s fair to say that it has only now started to ship products that are truly worth taking a look at and, perhaps most importantly, stand out as a very viable alternative to what’s already available on the market from lesser known brands.

The Harpe Ace (Aim Lab Edition) mouse and ROG Azoth keyboard — showcased in the video above — are truly phenomenal peripherals and while they do have a high price tag attached, they are nonetheless proof that ASUS is (finally) listening to community feedback and is focused on creating products that enthusiasts actually want.

ASUS Azoth and harpe

Image Credit: 1 , 2

In addition, ASUS also makes a wide array of mechanical keyboards (of varying quality), headsets, gaming mice, mouse pads, and general accessories.

Are ASUS Products Worth It?

Absolutely! They’re some of the best on the market if a bit (at times) overpriced. Sometimes you get your money’s worth, but that’s not always the case.

Then again, much of the same can be said for the vast majority of ASUS’ competition as well.

ASUS is one of the few companies out there that tries to cater to as broad an audience as possible and, frankly, it succeeds almost effortlessly.

ASUS’s Warranty Policy

It’s a well-known fact that most tech companies don’t have great customer support, even if their products are stellar (and, by proxy, expensive). This also varies wildly depending on where you live and where you purchased your hardware.

ASUS, sadly, is no exception.

The internet is filled with customer experiences, most of which lean toward the negative side. Moreover, their quality control seems to fluctuate depending on what you buy and which family of products it falls under.

ROG and Zephyrus laptops, for instance, rarely have any QC issues, but that’s by no means a rule — it mostly boils down to the “luck of the draw.”

You can hear about one such negative experience in the video below:

As for warranties specifically, they, too, vary depending on the product you buy and your region.

The warranty period lasts from one to three years. That’s in line with other manufacturers as well, so nothing out of the ordinary (for better or worse).

Some items also come with an extended international warranty which means that, once the first year has passed, you’ll still be able to get your device fixed but you’ll have to pay for the spare parts and repair. This warranty is available in over 80 markets.

With all of this in mind, you’d be best off buying your hardware from a vendor like Amazon — its return policies are absolutely amazing and, should you happen to come across any QC issues (or anything similar), you’d be able to return your product and, in doing so, get your money back in no time.

In other words: buy your hardware (no matter its manufacturer) from a place with a lenient return policy.


ASUS is, in short, one of the most revered and innovative manufacturers on the market. Its products are simply phenomenal and are amongst the most sought-after. And that, quite frankly, is no coincidence.

This company makes some of the best hardware money can buy, and even though it’s not without fault, it’s impossible not to stand in awe at the sheer number of categories it has been able to (successfully) cover.

Most other companies have tried to encompass such a wide gamut but have failed for one reason or another.

ASUS doesn’t have a good rap when it comes to customer service, warranties, and RMA procedures, but that, too, has to be taken with a grain of salt — we only get to hear about the bad experiences online.

The satisfying customers don’t go on Reddit (or any other forum, for that matter) to vent.

In any case, ASUS’ product stack speaks for itself and so does the hype surrounding it.


Let’s go over a few potential questions you might have regarding ASUS and its diverse product portfolio:

Are ASUS Products Worth It?

That depends on your budget. Its top-of-the-line products are absolutely amazing, but they might not be the best possible option from a price-to-performance standpoint.

Still, if your budget can cover it, you most certainly will not be disappointed.

Just keep in mind that no company can create stellar products on a consistent basis; it all varies from one generation/series to the next.

Is ASUS a Good Brand?

It absolutely is! Not only that, it’s one of the best and most original brands out there!

ASUS products are not only built well, but they also perform at an incredibly high level and are stunning to look at.

And, unlike most other companies that tend to create cookie-cutter, “by the book” hardware, ASUS consistently tries to push the envelope and provide its customers (and potential future ones) with something unique — something that would stand out and deliver a bespoke user experience.

Does ASUS Have Bad Customer Support?

There’s never a definitive answer to such a question as it not only depends on your region but also the specific point in time at which your device malfunctioned.

ASUS sells millions upon millions of devices each year and, unfortunately, a number of them are bound to fail at some point and for some reason.

Moreover, even though there are some truly horrific stories online, it’s important to remember that satisfied users rarely go on Reddit or Quora or what have you to share their experiences — that’s mostly “reserved” for disgruntled customers which is why we might have a slightly skewed perception.

Over to You

Have you ever used any of ASUS’ products and, if so, which ones? Let us know in the comment section down below and, in case you need any help, head over to our forum and ask away!

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