What Are The Quietest / Most Silent Mechanical Keyboard Switches?

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Silent keyboards are all the rage these days and, well, it’s easy to understand why!

At this point in time, clicky Cherry MX Blues – which were once so ubiquitous – feel like an outdated relic of the past!

They’re still a niche pick, in all fairness, but are frowned upon by the vast majority of keyboard enthusiasts for a very good reason.

Components of Silent Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Source: Gateron

Nowadays, people want the most silent mechanical keyboard switches out there and, fortunately, they have no shortage of options!

Quietest Mechanical Keyboard Switches

The world of mechanical keyboards is one of staggering beauty and depth. Whether you’re just looking to buy a brand-new keyboard or upgrade your existing one, the possibilities are seemingly endless!

Down below you’ll find seven options we feel are more than worthy of your time and attention.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin:

Gazzew Boba U4

Gazzew Boba U4

Image Credit: Gazzew Boba U4 from Amazon

The Gazzew Boba U4 needs no introduction. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, amongst the most silent switches money can buy.

Interestingly enough, it comes in two options weight-wise: 62g and 68g. Something for everyone, as they say!

As for its structure, Gazzew’s marketing copy explains it best: no pre- and post-bump travel; it’s all bump.

If that’s something you’re interested in, you’ll be happy to know that the Boba U4 isn’t going to burn a hole through your wallet (unlike some other options on the market).

We wouldn’t necessarily call it cheap, but compared to what’s out there its price can, in fact, be deemed palatable.

There are two tops available at the time of this writing: Boba and Clear.

The former is the “default” option, whereas the latter should pretty much only be used for builds with per-key RGB. That’s the only difference between them: aesthetics.

Gazzew Boba U4 has factory-lubed spring bottoms and is compatible with a wide range of sockets, including Gateron MX, Outemu, Kailh, and 7305 Mill Max.

ZealPC Zilent V2

Switches from ZealPC offer incredible value for the money – they’re the best “bang for the buck” option.

The Zilent V2, in particular, has a minimal wobble, a very solid tactile response, and is incredibly silent, too!

They’re not particularly cheap, though, but if you’ve embarked on this peculiar journey then you probably have some excess funds lying around and are looking for a new hobby (i.e. rabbit hole) in which you can fully immerse yourself in.

ZealPC Zilent V2

Image Credit: ZealPC

As you can see, there are several options available, ranging from 62g all the way up to 78g. Having such a diverse range is absolutely amazing as it allows buyers to find just the right kind of switch for their needs and personal preferences.

And, perhaps most importantly, they’ll all be incredibly silent no matter their actuation force!

Type-S Topre

Type-S Topre

Image Credit: Deskthority

If you’re looking for the most unique typing experience, then Topre switches should definitely be at the top of your priority list!

A word of caution, though: proper Topre-based builds are definitely on the pricier side. They’re not the most expensive option out there, but they certainly don’t come cheap.

Why are they so special, though? Well, it’s actually quite simple: they’re electrostatic, capacitive switches that marry the best of rubber dome keyboards and those that are fully mechanical.

They’re very silent but are by no means mushy when bottomed out.

In fact, they offer a surprising amount of tactility; they’re unique in every sense of the word and that, in short, simply has to come with a high price tag.

Gateron Silent

Gateron Silent

Image Credit: Keys

If you want a mainstream option that’ll deliver in every way, shape, and form, then Silent Red and Silent Black switches from Gateron should definitely be on your radar!

Well, at least if you have a sizable budget and are willing to spend a pretty penny – these switches do not come cheap! They are, however, “worth the asking price.”

Top-of-the-line Gateron switches are always in high demand and that, too, holds true for Silent Reds and Blacks!

The fact that they’re so often out of stock should tell you all you need to know when it comes to the sheer quality which they bring to the table – to say nothing of their silent profile!

Cherry MX Silent Red

Cherry MX Silent Red

Image Credit: Reichelt

Compared to some other switches on this list, Cherry MX Silent Reds almost seem… pedestrian. They are, however, an option that is “tried and true.”

This particular switch has stood the test of time and is still fairly popular for a very good reason.

Cherry MX switches are renowned for their build quality and staggering lifespan, which explains why they’re the “go-to” choice of keyboard builders across the globe!

They might not be exotic, but they sure are reliable and that, to some, never goes out of fashion.

Kailh BOX Silent Pink

Kailh BOX Silent Pink

Image Credit: candykeys

BOX Silent switches from Kailh might not be the best option out there, but they sure do offer the most value – and it’s not even close.

A 10-pack will set you back a mere $6. That’s simply astounding.

They’re actually phenomenal switches as well but their “value proposition” is so incredible that it sort of overshadows everything else.

Don’t, however, let that fool you: they’re on this list because of merit, not their affordable price tag.

Kailh BOX Silent Pinks stand out in all the right ways – relative to their asking price – and if you’re looking to build a silent custom keyboard without breaking the bank, these should definitely be on the top of your list!

Durock Daybreak

Durock Daybreak

Image Credit: Durock Daybreak from Amazon

Last but certainly not least, we have the astonishing Durock Daybreak. An expensive option, granted, but also one that’s so silent it’ll leave you in a state of awe.

The only question now is: how much are you willing to spend on such a luxury?

A 10-pack of Durock Daybreaks will set you back anywhere between $10 and a whopping $20.

That’s… quite an investment, even for a 60% “build.”

Be that as it may, there’s a target demographic for every kind of project, no matter how luxurious or seemingly excessive it might be.

And so, with that in mind, if you’re looking for a near-silent typing experience then look no further than the Durock Daybreaks – assuming you have the funds.


Choosing the right kind of switch is hugely important, but that’s not the only element of the equation that warrants your attention; there are many other factors one must keep in mind: What kind of material is the case made of?

What kind of internal dampening solution (if any) will you employ?

What about your keycaps and stabilizers? Will you be doing any mods? What about lube? And what about Keyboard Case resonance and transfer of vibrations to the desk?

All of these things (and many others) affect the sound signature of a keyboard and are, therefore, all important in one way or another. And, needless to say, they can all be further dissected, analyzed, and talked about for days on end.

That’s why this hobby is so darn alluring: it is a rabbit hole unlike any other!


What Are the Different Types of Keyboard Switches?

There are three main types of switches: linear, tactile, and clicky.

They all offer an entirely different typing experience and they have different sound profiles, too.

For a more detailed breakdown make sure to watch the following video:

Are Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Switches Worth It?

That depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Generally speaking, they are worth it, but it really varies from one person to the next.

What Are the Most Silent Mechanical Switches On the Market?

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Gazzew Boba U4
  • ZealPC Zilent V2
  • Type-S Topre
  • Gateron Silent
  • Cherry MX Silent Red
  • Kailh BOX Silent Pink
  • Durock Daybreak

How to Make Your Mechanical Keyboard Quieter?

There are several ways you can make your keyboard quieter.

Buying a silent mechanical switch is the obviously a hugely important part of the equation, but if that’s not possible for whatever reason (maybe you don’t have a hot-swappable keyboard), you can always lube your existing switches, employ certain mods, put in o-rings, and so on and so forth.

Over to You

Building a silent mechanical keyboard can, at times, be a tremendous challenge. There’s a lot of trial and error involved and, well, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and experiment until you finally end up with the kind of sound signature you’re truly content with!

Once that happens, it’ll all be worth it.

What kind of keyboard are you currently sporting? Are you happy with the way it sounds? Let us know in the comment section down below and, in case you need any help, head over to our forum!

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