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The year’s just begun, but we’re knee-deep in updates, and new product releases already. Of course, CES 2021 went all-digital, and there are a ton of announcements from the event as well.


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Adobe Ships After Effects 17.6 to Address Issues

Adobe After Effects received an update to version 17.6, adding an automated Lighting Correction option to the Content-Aware Fill – ensuring fewer artifacts in shots with significant lighting changes. The update also fixed issues with 3D Scene Navigation and the 3D Transform Gizmo. Fixes range from resolving issues caused by an error when panning in the same position as POI to problems that caused light and camera gizmo components to overlap. Read more.

Filter Forge Releases Filter Forge 10.0

A new version of Filter Forge’s node-based tool for creating filters is now available to purchase. The latest release allows you to use custom filters with applications like Photoshop, Affinity Photo, and other 2D image-editing software. Version 10.0 also brings you the ability to save editable project files for collaborating with others, as well as a new faster-rendering Draft Mode for browsing filters quickly. Read more.

Michael Gibson Announces Major Update to MoI with a v4 Release

MoI (Moment of Inspiration) is a complementary tool for polygon-based artists thanks to its CAD toolsets and advanced Boolean functions that allow for the rapid creation of mechanical or man-made type hard-surface models. The latest update is the culmination of a 3-year beta and brings native MacOS support and a detailed object properties dialog, and many other changes. The update also now makes MoI a 64-bit program for both Mac and Windows. You can find more details about this update on the v4 release thread.

MagicSquire 4.4 is Now Available for Photoshop

Anastasiy Safari released another update to the popular Photoshop brush organization plugin. While the version 4.0 release brought features like tags, custom sub-palettes, and quick visual previews, the 4.4 update focuses on bug fixes and improving UI performance. This update also improves support for Apple’s new M1 processor as well. Read more.

CAD Exchanger Adds 3D PDF and PRC Import and USDZ Export in Version 3.9.1

Version 3.9.1 of CAD Exchanger has added a host of new features to assist its users in collaborating with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in a multi-CAD environment. The most notable feature in this update is 3D PDF – allowing users to create embedded 3D models that can be rotated, zoomed, and explored without requiring native CAD. Read more.

Deep FX World Releases Deep FX Studio 0.5 – a Major Rewrite

A new update to the standalone procedural animation and multiphysics simulation package now overhauls the application’s core interface and workflows. Several new features were detailed with this release, including a new melting and freezing system. Other changes include close integration with Physically-based rendered LuxCoreRender, which allows it to be used as a viewport renderer within Deep FX studio. Watch Deep FX Studio 0.5 Feature Reel.

AMD Threadripper Pro Workstations in 2021

Currently, the only way to get your hands on a Threadripper Pro CPU is the Lenovo ThinkStation P620 workstation due to an exclusive agreement between the two companies. During CES 2021, AMD announced that it would make Threadripper Pro available directly as well. Although Threadripper Pro shares the same core silicon as mainstream Threadripper, its platform allows for more memory channels, more RAM capacity, and double the PCI-E Lanes – making it more EPYC-esque in nature. A flurry of WRX80 motherboard announcements also followed the AMD announcement (as of writing this, ASUS, Gigabyte, and SuperMicro) to grant users access to the new platform features. Read more.

All-Digital CES 2021 Comes to a Close on 14th January: TVs, Laptops, Processors, Graphics Cards, and more

In a first, the popular Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 is hosting its very first all-virtual event. The event has more than a few fascinating releases this year, from Automated Vehicles (Mercedes and GM) to Mini-LED TVs. AMD and Intel announced new processors for mobile and desktop, respectively, while AMD and Nvidia announced new laptop GPUs during this event. Motherboard manufacturers are also slowly revealing their Intel Z590 motherboard lineup in anticipation of Intel’s 11th Generation Processor launch early this year. Read more.

Intel Previews 11th Generation Rocket Lake-S Processors During CES 2021

Intel showcased its upcoming 11th Generation of processors. Although the top-tier CPU has lost two cores compared to the 10th Gen top dog (Core i9 10900K), Intel boasted a considerable IPC improvement. That said, the company only released data about performance in games where it compared the Core i9 11900K (8-cores, 16-threads) to a Ryzen 9 5900X. The Intel processor showed leads of 3% to 8% in the charts. Read more.

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