What happened this week: Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor updates, New Fusion360, Twinmotion Versions and more

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Although we took a break during Easter, companies sure didn’t. The past two weeks were chock-full of software updates and releases, and so, without further ado – let’s get started!


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Autodesk Reveals Revit 2022, AutoCAD 2022, and Inventor 2022

After announcing the 2022 update for popular applications like Maya, 3ds Max, Autodesk soldiered on – updating other applications in its repertoire this week. Revit, AutoCAD, and Inventor received 2022 updates with highly requested features and improvements like interoperability and collaboration enhancements, Automated Counting for blocks/geometry for AutoCAD, Model States for Inventor, and so much more. Find out more about what’s new in Revit 2022, AutoCAD 2022, and Inventor 2022.

SketchUp Studio Now More Streamlined With Enhanced Workflow

SketchUp announced improvements to its SketchUp Studio offering. Tools that professionals can use to import, view, and model directly on point cloud data are now available. The updates also bring real-time and photorealistic rendering with V-Ray 5 for SketchUp. Embedded within the announcement was another piece of not-so-good news – Sefaira is no longer part of the SketchUp Studio subscription. Users will need to buy it separately. Read more.

Autodesk Fusion360 April 2021 Product Update

Continuing with its tradition of discussing what’s new every month, Fusion360 revealed its April 2021 Product Update. New features include Insert TraceParts for access to millions of models, Creating a Full Round Fillet, and a brand-new Break View among many other changes. The Fusion360 product update also showcased improved Toolpath Simulation Performance as well as Turning Toolpath Usability. Read more.

Maxon Announces 3-Day April 3D and Motion Design Show Starting April 13th

3D Artists looking for more insights about Maxon’s suite of professional applications can’t miss the April 3D and Motion Design Show – a Free-to-attend virtual series of artist-focused presentations. Maxon will host presentations and talks from a collection of creative directors, motion designers, and animation directors to impart a treasure-trove of knowledge and insight to other 3D artists. Sign up here.

AMD Ships Radeon ProRender 3.1 for Blender and Maya

AMD announced the latest update to its free, physically accurate GPU renderer – ProRender. AMD ProRender 3.1 for Blender and Maya adds support for Cryptomatte AOVs, a new 16-bit render denoiser and support for hardware-accelerated ray tracing on AMD’s new Radeon RX 6000-series GPUs. The Blender version also gets support for the Principled Hair BSDF and box mapping in the Image Texture node. Find a full list of changes here – (Blender) (Maya).

Epic Releases Twinmotion 2021.1 Update

Epic Games’ real-time visualization software, Twinmotion received an update to version 2021.1. The release enhances the application’s integration with other Epic products by introducing an experimental new plugin to import Twinmotion scenes directly into the Unreal Editor. Another feature that Epic detailed was Presenter Cloud Early Access. Using this feature, you can share projects with any stakeholder anywhere in the world. The stakeholder only needs access to a basic Windows/macOS system and a web browser to view and interact with the Presenter file that will run on a high-end GPU in the cloud. You can read more here.

Amazon Lumberyard Announces New Photorealistic Graphics Engine – Atom

The Atom renderer is a high-performance, physically-based renderer capable of delivering all the latest graphics features that games and multimedia customers would want to see in 2021 and beyond. From Global Illumination to Ray tracing, the Atom renderer seeks to cover all bases. Atom currently supports DirectX 12, Vulkan, and Metal on multiple platforms including, Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. One of the most exciting aspects for developers would be Atom’s modularity and customizability. Read more.

Wysilab Ships Instant Terra 2.1

Instant Terra is a popular 3D landscape generation tool that recently received a new toolset for animating terrain in version 2.0. Wysilab released Instant Terra 2.1 – adding Mapbox as one of the data sources for Instant Terra’s World browser as well as the OpenTopography data set. This data source allows for downloading high-resolution (50 times higher) elevation data. You can find the full announcement here.

Grove Release 10 is Now Available

The Blender-based tool for generating biologically plausible tree models is getting its ‘biggest release yet.’ The Version 10 update overhauls the software’s UI to add a set of intuitive radial widgets that make it possible to add branches to a tree by sketching directly within the viewport. This release also boasts a touchscreen-friendly UI design that will help professionals work more smoothly using touch-based inputs. Read more.

Educational Content and Helpful Resources for CG Professionals

This new section features tools, training materials, tutorials, and so on for various CG applications.   

[Free Guide] Virtual Production Field Guide: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/volume-2-of-the-virtual-production-field-guide-now-available

[Price Cuts] Xsens Slashes Prices on its Professional MoCap Systems: https://www.xsens.com/news/xsens-motion-capture-pricing

[Podcast] Pipelines and Being a CG Generalist with Matan Abel, Virtual Art Department Supervisor, Happy Mushroom (Call of Duty, John Wick: Chapter 3: Parabellum, and The Mandalorian): https://open.spotify.com/episode/25Lhl3KWT8ebg0IEcft06Y

  • 4:09 When Matan met Chris
  • 7:46 Videogames and working at Activision
  • 10:21 Why Chris hired Matan
  • 19:19 Going back to car commercials
  • 25:12 Joining Pixomondo
  • 28:37 Pop-ups and pipelines
  • 33:52 Being a generalist
  • 39:34 Going to China
  • 49:54 Joining John Wick 3
  • 57:45 Thoughts on the future of filmmaking

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