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Going into the 3rd week of January, we see only a smattering of updates and news. There are a few laptop updates on the hardware front and a very bizarre development related to Nvidia graphics cards.


This section covers news sourced from various trusted media and business outlets.

Xfrog 6.0 Now Available for Cinema 4D R23

Building on over a decade of close cooperation, Xfrog announced Xfrog 6.0 with support for the latest release of Cinema 4D R23. It is an organic 3D modeler that uses procedural definitions of nature to create and animate plants, nature-based motion graphics, wild organic efx, and so on. Maxon acknowledges the contribution of Xfrog, with Maxon’s CEO saying it is one of the most popular commercial 3rd party plugins for Cinema 4D. Read more.

Auto Character Setup Add-on for Modo Gets a New Free Edition

Lukasz Pazera released a new free version of his popular auto-rigging add-on for Modo – Auto Character Setup Free Edition. Although it is understandably a cut-down version of the full ACS 2 add-on, it will still allow creators to streamline the process of rigging biped characters inside Foundry’s 3D software and bake them for export to other DCC apps. Read more.

Updated Howler 2021.3 is Here!

Howler allows for fast digital painting and animation and was created by artist Dan Ritchie for professionals and hobbyists. The latest update to this application brings a host of new features like re-implemented blur tools for better speed, quality, and GPU utilization, a set of new tools, and substantial performance improvements. Read more.

Trimble Ships SketchUp 2021.0.1 – the First Update in the New Year

The popular architectural modeling software got an update this week with a few bugfixes. The release focuses on fixing issues where a component couldn’t be saved and then saved again with a different name and resolving crashes when using the Follow Me tool. The update, among other things, also fixes an issue that prevented large files from being opened when saved in SketchUp 2021. Read more.

SketchUp Details Value Added with Subscriptions in a Post

Trimble’s decision to end classic perpetual licenses was a substantial change in how it handles licenses. Seeking to justify this pivot, SketchUp detailed all the value they could add thanks to the subscription licensing model. The company discussed Hidden Geometry, Grip Control, Grouped Objects, Native Tools Upgrades, and a host of other enhancements among the touted upgrades. Read the full post.

Autodesk Fusion 360 2021 Product Update: What’s New

A product update for 2021 covered all new features and updates that Autodesk is implementing and has planned for this year. The post re-iterates the 10-document limit when using Fusion 360 for Personal Use. The post also goes over usability improvements like the new notifications center, Data Management features, and much more. Read the full post.

Autodesk Netfabb Joins Fusion 360 Family

Promising to unite Additive Manufacturing and Design better, Autodesk announced that it is adding the Netfabb tools to its Fusion 360 family of solutions. Current Netfabb subscribers can continue using Netfabb products and receive the benefit of Fusion 360 and all its capabilities at no additional charge. Read more.

Nvidia RTX 30-Series Ampere Mobile Will No Longer Offer Max-Q or Max-P Branding

In a baffling update, both Nvidia and OEMs will no longer specify whether a given Ampere Mobile GPU is Max-Q or Max-P. The implication? It could lead to wildly different performances for the same tier of product. For example, an Nvidia RTX 3080 configured at 115W will offer a considerable performance boost over one configured at 80W. There is no way for end-users to know what configuration the laptop manufacturer has used until they have it in their hands or watch detailed benchmarks for that specific laptop model. This also paves the way for a lower-end SKU to outperform or match a ‘higher-end’ SKU. Read more.

AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX is Passmark’s Top Mobile CPU

AMD blew past Intel’s, and it’s own previous gen parts by a considerable margin on the Passmark leaderboard with a CPU Mark of 24,039. For reference, the next best processor is an AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS with a score of 19,852, while Intel’s high-performance offerings like the Core i9-10980HK sit at 16,594. Intel’s high-performance Tiger Lake parts (if they do release) should trim the margin or allow it to reclaim the top spot. Read more.

Manufacturers Receive Fresh Stock of RTX 2060?

A strange piece of news confirmed by several brands was released by Overclocking.com this week. Nvidia’s last-gen RTX 2060 is being re-manufactured, and manufacturers have received fresh stock. The idea behind the move is probably – get GPUs on the market, any GPU. The release of the RTX 3060 at the same price has not been changed, so we’re likely to end up with products at the same price but with wildly different performance numbers.

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