Shotgun becomes ShotGrid, Sharp 8k Monitor, AMD Launches W6800 and W6600 GPUs and more

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We’re well into June now, and the news has slowed down to a crawl this past week. AMD launched workstation graphics cards, Autodesk renamed Autodesk Shotgun to ShotGrid, and Google killed yet another thing. Let’s get into it!


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Autodesk Rebrands Shotgun to ShotGrid

Autodesk Shotgun, a production tracking and review system for VFX, was renamed to ShotGrid. There are a few changes to subscription packages as well, with the company now only offering a single $40/month plan. The official reason given by the company for this change was, “Autodesk is completing Shotgun’s integration and aligning to Autodesk’s standard offerings, policies, and processes in order to provide you with an improved customer experience.” Read more.

Sharp Unveils 31.5” Professional 8K Monitor with 1000 Nits Peak Brightness

Boasting a resolution of 7680 x 4320, Sharp released details of its 8M-B32C1 8K monitor – the very first 8K monitor with a 1000 nits peak brightness. It also touts a respectable 9ms GTG response time. Unfortunately, there is no mention of HDR or Dolby Vision certification yet. The company also hasn’t disclosed pricing as of June 11th, 2021. Here are the technical specifications (in Japanese; please use Translate to read).

AMD Launches Radeon Pro W6800 and W6600

AMD’s first workstation GPUs using its 7nm RDNA 2 architecture are finally here. The Radeon Pro W6800 comes equipped with 32GB VRAM, while the W6600 offers 8GB. These graphics cards feature dedicated Ray Accelerators that will deliver up to 46% faster rendering in visualization software like Solidworks Visualize compared to the previous generation. In addition to these Ray Accelerators, another feature that AMD advertised is Radeon Pro Viewport Boost – claiming the ability to focus graphics horsepower around the areas of the UI that move (a 3D model, for example) to make the viewport experience smoother. You can read the full announcement here.

Google Shuts Down Zync Render After Acquiring it in 2014

Zync Render is the latest addition to ‘things Killed by Google.’ The online rendering service for VFX was marketed as a way for studios to use the computational power of Google’s cloud infrastructure for faster rendering and processing. On the bright side, rival cloud rendering services like GridMarkets are offering discounts to Zync users who want to make the switch.

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