What happened this week: Adobe Multi-Frame Rendering in After Effects, Intel i7 11700k Benchmarks and more

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Adobe’s been busy this past week. There’s a lot of Apple-related news, some hardware news, and some other software updates. We’re almost halfway into March, and the hardware shortages haven’t let up yet.


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Adobe After Effects Beta Brings Multi-Frame Rendering (Finally?)

After Effects has long been known as a professional application that continues to rely almost entirely on fewer, faster CPU cores. Maybe not for too much longer. Adobe announced the addition of multi-frame rendering to After Effects Beta – allowing for accelerated multi-core performance. In our (CGDirector’s) testing, we found up to a 2x improvement with a 12-core AMD Ryzen 9 5900X. Reports from users say that After Effects’ performance scales up to 32 CPU cores already. Read more.

Adobe Ships After Effects 18.0

In addition to adding a much-requested feature to After Effects Beta, Adobe also released a stable version of its popular motion graphics application. The version 18.0 update brings media replacement in Motion Graphics templates, real-time 3D draft preview, improved composition toolbar, and much more. You can find the complete list of changes here.

OctaneX is Now on the Mac App Store (And it’s Free for a Year)

Otoy announced the launch of OctaneX on the Mac App Store this week to bring the popular GPU renderer to millions of macOS users for free. Users of MacBook Pro, iMac Pro, and Mac Pro devices will have access to a full year of OctaneX Enterprise, including RNDR, for free. All other Mac devices, including the new M1 Macs, will get free access to OctaneX Prime for a year. Read more.

Chaos Cloud Updated With New Features to Improve Cloud Rendering Experience

Chaos (known as Chaos Group before its rebranding) announced important updates to Chaos Cloud, its cloud rendering service that’s accessible directly from V-Ray’s UI. The update adds the ability to render multiple angles with Batch Camera Rendering, directly preview VR videos, and save and share from Microsoft OneDrive. Read more.

Adobe Ships Adobe Photoshop for Macs with Apple Silicon and Updates Photoshop for iPad

Adobe released the first stable version of Photoshop to run natively on the new M1 Mac. In addition to significant performance gains across the entire application, Adobe also announced a brand-new feature available in the Adobe Camera Raw plugin – Super Resolution. The feature uses ‘pioneering machine learning technology to boost the resolution of an image with one click.’ Apple iPad devices also received an updated version of Adobe Photoshop that allows users to browse cloud document version history and availability of cloud documents offline. Read more.

[Important] RedGiant Releases Update to Resolve Crashes on the Latest Version of Final Cut Pro and Motion

Maxon took to its news page to advise users of Magic Bullet Colorista or Looks against updating to the recently-updated Final Cut Pro 10.5.2 and Motion 5.5.1. The company explained that the applications seem to be crashing when using the newest version of Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista. RedGiant posted an update that confirmed that the Magic Bullet Suite 14.0.4 resolves the incompatibility issue. It’s safe to update Final Cut Pro and Motion once users have updated Magic Bullet Suite’s newest version. You can find the full announcement here.

Adobe Releases Character Animator 4.0

The popular real-time puppet animation software from Adobe, Character Animator, received a major update to Version 4.0 this past week. The update’s most significant change is a brand-new file format that is ‘faster, more compact, and more resilient to power loss and file-sync conflicts.’ However, it’s not all good news as these files are not backward compatible, i.e., any changes made to projects in Character Animator 4.0 are incompatible with older versions of the application.  Read more.

Next Limit Announces Version 5.2 Update to Maxwell

Next Limit’s Maxwell is a popular rendering software for light simulation. The engine combines physically correct lighting with Maxwell materials to create realistic images. New features added to the renderer include a new Denoiser implementation, integration of rendering in the cloud feature within Maxwell Studio, and a new Substance Designer Assistant. You can find the full changelog here.

Intel’s 11th Generation Rocket Lake CPU Available at Retailers Ahead of Official Launch – Reviewed by Anandtech

In a somewhat strange turn of events, one processor (Core i7 11700K) from Intel’s Rocket Lake stack was available to purchase from a European retailer, over three weeks ahead of the official launch. Dr. Ian Cuttress, Anandtech’s veteran CPU reviewer, managed to get his hands on one and posted a detailed review of his findings. You can find Anandtech’s full review here. Long story short, the performance was underwhelming; the upgrade doesn’t seem worth it (unless it’s the only processor you can actually purchase on the market, that is). You can also check out an infographic we made to give you quick insight.

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