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PC-Builder: Find The Best Parts For Your PC & Workstation

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PC-Builder: Find The Best Parts For Your PC & Workstation

The CGDirector PC Builder exists to help anyone generate a build that will fit within their budget and work well for their workload.

It’s taken a LOT of work, and we thank our readers’ fantastic feedback for making this possible.

We’ve been working hard at improving the PC Builder to cover more types of hardware, take more compatibility issues into account, consider case and RAM clearances, and a lot more. However, it’s still a work in progress, and we’d love feedback from everyone to make it even better!

What’s Changed

Here are some of the improvements/changes we’ve made recently:

  • Improved the motherboard recommendation engine, depending on your workload. It should now suggest more balanced parts at most budgets.
  • Improved cross-compatibility checks between PC Cases, CPU Coolers, RAM clearances, and GPU length clearances.
  • Added option for users to go for a specific brand of CPU/GPU in their generated build (please only use this option if you are sure about what sort of hardware works best for your workloads).
  • Added additional price points for build generation, covering everything from ultra-budget builds to high-end workstation builds.
  • Cases now take into account the number of double-width GPUs it can accommodate and switch to a more appropriate choice.
  • Added more memory kit options to make sure every performance category is covered.
  • Added additional CPU Air and AIO Coolers after accounting for the cooling performance needed for most AMD and Intel processors.
  • Added a feature that accounts for AMD stock coolers as a cost-cutting measure to upgrade other build parts within your set budget, if possible.

Addressing Gaming Builds

We’ve wanted to add this feature, but will be delaying it to the next major update of the PC Builder. There are certain complexities involved in gaming that make the generated build less-than-ideal.

However, if you do need a gaming build, please generate one using the Video Editing workload and ask us about any required changes to it on our forum thread – here.

How Does the PC-Builder Know What Parts to Recommend?

Benchmarks, budget, and availability form the foundations of every recommended build. Not only does it take into account benchmark scores for various applications, but it also keeps tabs on pricing and availability.

Each core component has been put through benchmarks to create performance tables for each type of task. A few examples of benchmark tools and software are – Cinebench R20 and R15, GeekBench, Octane, Redshift, Vray, our Viewport Benchmarks, Video Editing, Motion Design, Photo Editing Benchmarks and much more. We’re continually adding benches to our testing so we can fine-tune the PC builder recommendations even further.

If you have suggestions about any additional workloads you’d like to see, please post a reply on our forum thread or ‘like’ a response that has mentioned your workload already. We’d love to know more about what sorts of workloads you’d like to see added to the PC Builder in the future.

Missing Specific Parts / Brands?

We have included as many mainstream brands as we can on the PC Builder, and have managed to expand our already-extensive database of products and recommendations.

Although we have also been trying to add as many laptops as possible to the PC Builder, we’ve encountered a few issues that make it a tricky undertaking. We’re working on a solution that will let us add more laptop options across a broader budget soon. In the meanwhile, any laptop currently recommended will work well for your selected workload within your chosen budget. If you have a question about a specific laptop model in your region, do come by our forum to ask us about it!

To make things more convenient, we’ve added more options to the PC builder with more arriving soon! You can now pick your brand of GPU/CPU if you’re VERY SURE that your workload requires a specific choice. However, we’d still recommend going with auto and letting the builder do its thing.

Why is there a Maximum and Minimum Limit on Budgets

In specific workloads, investing above or below a particular budget isn’t ideal and might turn out to be counterproductive. We’ve based this decision based on years of experience with computer hardware, these workloads, as well as from poring over benchmark data.

Nonetheless, we have expanded the budget options available thanks to the availability of some very viable parts at lower price points. However, these aren’t always ideal, and you’re still more likely to find better value at and above the $1000 budget for most kinds of workloads.

Do You Have to Worry About Compatibility?

Ideally, no. We’ve taken great care to make sure that every suggested hardware combination is compatible with each other. From RAM clearance for your CPU cooler or graphics card clearance for your case to even the number of available expansion slots in a case recommended for a multi-GPU rendering setup, the PC Builder has you covered.

That said, it is still a work in progress, and we’re hard at work trying to make it perfect. Although we’ve done all we can to make sure there are no compatibility issues between suggested parts, bugs do creep in at times. If you’re not sure about a build, do drop by the CGDirector Forum and as us about it. We’ll look it over for you.

Help Us Make the PC Builder Better!

First and foremost, use the PC Builder as much as possible. Generate builds for your workloads, make sure they’re directing you to store pages that have an active listing. 

  • Please do let us know if you see any glaring compatibility issues in any generated build. We’ve tried to be as thorough as possible, but bugs might still slip past unnoticed.
  • Please let us know if any displayed Amazon listing directs you to a used parts listing. We’re still working on squashing this bug.

Hardware availability issues and subsequent price gouging by sellers on Amazon (US) has resulted in some unfortunate builds being generated at specific price points. Please post your generated build on our dedicated PC Builder Beta forum thread if you’re not sure about the parts, and we’ll respond to tweak your build recommendations. 

Have some Parts picked but don’t know how to assemble them? Check our PC-Building Guide on How to Assemble a PC.


Feel Free to ask for suggestions on your PC-Build in the Comments or in our Forum.

Join the New CGDirector Forum! Expert Advice & PC-Build Planning with a warm and friendly Community! :)

Alex Glawion - post author

Hi, I’m Alex, a Freelance 3D Generalist, Motion Designer and Compositor.

I’ve built a multitude of Computers, Workstations and Renderfarms and love to optimize them as much as possible.

Feel free to comment and ask for suggestions on your PC-Build or 3D-related Problem, I’ll do my best to help out!

Also check out our Forum for feedback from our Expert Community.


Hey Alex,
When I looked at the part list on amazon, Half the parts needed to build my pc were at lease twice as expensive as it said in the builder tool, and Im on a budget of about 600, and the total cost was more like 800. Why does it say that?

Troyan Turner

Hey Alex

I built a $4k rig last year dependent on your builder tool here that incorporated an Invidia 2080 Ti card. Now that the 30 series are coming out and they are huge, IF I were to get my hands on one somehow, is it possible to fit this monster in my current rig along with the 2080 Ti? Question is both for physical size and if the rig can handle it. I have an ASUS Prime Z390-A Motherboard. Thanks!


Hey Alex,
I like your articles but i need your help.
I am an architechture student and I want to buy a Laptop, my budget ist 1500 euros. Mainly I will be using Autocad, Archicad and other Cad programs where I will be rendering in 3d and also drawing in 2d. Next semester we will work with a 3d file from a little town so my laptop should have no problems working with such big 3d files. Also I will be using Photoshop, Illustator and some other Adobe programs and I will work a lttle bit with revit and rhino.
I need a 15 inch screen and at least 16gb of ram, HDD and a good gpu etc. (I don’t really know what I really need)
I was thinking about the GL75 10SFR-279 Leopard but what do you think?


Hi Alex,

Does the cpu cooler enough to cool the whole system unit? How could I compensate if the gpu have high temperature?


Looking to build a fast desktop for mainly 3d modelling , rending , cinema 4D graphic notions etc.

Is it best to pick something with high clock speed instead of high core? I’m still very confuse with these two. Can you recommend some parts for me?

I also need a 32ram, thanks!

Henry Moore

Hi Alex, I found the article very helpful in understanding pc requirements for 3D Modeling. I’m running into an issue though. I used the PC Builder tool on this website. I’ve assembled the PC, and have downloaded my software, but now I’m experiencing periodic mouse lag/freezing when I boot the computer up (without even opening any programs), and especially when I open programs like Unity, Blender, or Photoshop. I’ve also noticed this problem when I download large files as well. I can’t seem to find any solutions online.

My specs are here:




Hello Alex,
Would you mind if i threw you an oddball? Most 3D cad programs are single core correct? archicad, revit etc…if no rendering would be needed and mobility and on site is a key factor, what are your thoughts on the Panasonic toughbook55. 🙂 with the GPU obviously..


Upa Park

Hey Alex,

I want to build a gaming PC and my budget is ~$1000. From some of your other guides, I figured that motion design-specialized computer builds would work well for a gaming PC as well because of the high GPU power. So I selected that option but was unsure if I was missing something that would give me higher performance at the same price point. I would like to hear your opinion because I am a beginner to PC building.

Would love to get your feedback and a build outline with parts!


Chukwuka Ndife

I recently bought a Ryzen 9 3950x and a case that only allows a max cooler height of 160mm. So I’m unable to fit the be quiet dark rock pro 4 in the case. It’s cheaper to get a new cooler over getting a new case where I am… Any cooler recommendations?


Hey Alex
is this good for gaming if not can you hook me up with a list with a budget of 600 please and thank you!

CPU: Intel i3 9100F 3.6GHz Quad-Core Processor ($71.88)
CPU Cooler: Intel Boxed Cooler (Included with CPU) (-)
Motherboard: MSI Z390 Gaming Edge AC ATX LGA1151 ($149.98)
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB – EVGA XC Gaming ($156.63)
Memory: 8GB (2 x 4GB) G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4-3200 C16 ($49.99)
Storage PCIe-SSD: ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 256GB NVME M.2 Solid State Drive ($49.99)
Power Supply: Corsair CX Series CX450M 450W ATX 2.4 Power Supply ($69.99)
Case: Corsair Carbide Series 200R ATX Mid Tower Case ($69.02)
Total: $617.48