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Redshift Benchmark Results (Updated)

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Redshift Benchmark results are not easy to find, that is why I compiled a list for everyone to take a look at. I myself use Redshift for Rendering Projects on a daily basis, and recently purchased a new Rendernode with lots of GPUs.

When you build a new PC or Rendernode for Rendering, there is no way around digging deep into benchmarks.

Cinebench Scores are great for comparing CPU Rendering performance, but if you use Redshift heavily, these benchmark results will be most valuable.

Here they are:

Redshift Benchmark Results

GPU(s)OSCPUTime (Minutes)
8x GTX 1080Ti 11GBWindows32 threads, 2.1GHz01.57
8x GTX 1080 8GBWindows40 threads, 2.2GHz02.26
4x RTX 2080Ti 11GBWindows16 threads, 3,8GHz02.28
4x GTX 1080Ti 11GBWindows12 threads, 3.6GHz03.07
4x GTX 1080Ti 11GBWindows36 threads, 2.35GHz03.21
4x GTX 1080Ti 11GBWindows32 threads, 2.1GHz03.25
4x GTX TITANX 12GBLinux12 threads, 4.1GHz03.36
4x GTX 1070 8GBWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz04.15
2x Quadro GP100 16GB TCCWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz04.25
4x GTX TITAN X 12 GBWindows16 threads, 4.3GHz04.28
4x GTX 980 Ti 6GBWindows56 threads, 2.3GHz04.48
2x Quadro GP100 16GBWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz05.04
2x Quadro P6000 24GB TCCWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz05.55
2x GTX 1080 Ti 11GBWindows16 threads, 2.99GHz06.15
2x TITAN Xp 12GBLinux16 threads, 3.2GHz06.16
2x Quadro P6000 24GBWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz06.28
2x GTX 1080 Ti 11GBMacOS8 threads, 4.00GHz06.30
2x GTX 1080 8GBWindows12 threads, 3.29Hz07.26
2x GTX 980Ti 6GBWindows20 threads, 4.3GHz07.35
2x GTX 1070 8GBLinux12 threads, 3.79GHz07.39
2x GTX 1070 8GBWindows8 threads, 4.0GHz08.06
RTX 2080 Ti 11GBWindows36 Threads, 2.6GHz08.38
Quadro GP100 16GB TCCWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz08.43
Quadro GP100 16GBWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz09.57
GTX TITANX Pascal 12GB TCCWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz10.54
RTX 2080 8GBWindows36 Threads, 2.6GHz10.59
2x GTX 1060 6GBWindows32 threads, 2.6GHz11.07
Quadro P6000 24GB TCCWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz11.31
RTX 2070 8GBWindows6 threads, 3.6GHz11.35
GTX 1080 Ti 11 GBWindows12 threads, 3.4GHz11.44
GTX TITANX Pascal 12GBWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz11.59
Quadro P6000 24GBWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz12.30
GTX TITAN X 12 GBLinux12 threads, 3.78GHz14.07
Quadro M6000 12GBLinux12 threads, 3.5GHz14.23
GTX TITANX 12GBMacOS12 threads, 3.5GHz14.25
Quadro M6000 24GB TCCWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz14.33
GTX 1070 8GBLinux12 threads, 3.8GHz15.05
GTX TITANX 12GBWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz15.40
Quadro M6000 24GBWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz15.42
GTX 1080 8GBMacOS8 threads, 2.9GHz16.00
GTX 1070 8GBWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz17.11
GTX 980 4GBWindows12 threads, 3.5GHz23.21
GTX 780Ti 3GBWindows12 threads, 3.4GHz25.58
GTX 970 4GBMacOS12 threads, 3.5GHz27.22
GTX 780 3GBWindows8 threads, 2.81GHz31.05
GTX 960 2GBWindows4 threads, 2.68GHz44.56

Some interesting findings are, that Different OS’s have an impact on rendering performance.

Linux for example seems to be doing somewhat better than Windows. These benchmarks are also great in analyzing what CPU is best for GPU Rendering in Redshift and how low the Clock Speed can go before major performance impact is inevitable.

Multi-GPU Scaling seems to work quite well in Redshift, though with those 1-2 minute Results the benchmark probably is just too short to make good use of all that power.

This list is also available on the Redshift Forums, where I took it from, so head on over if you have an account and get a good talk with all of the great Users.

If you are thinking about getting a new GPU Rendering Computer altogether, be sure to check out this article on what hardware to get for the best GPU Rendering Workstation.


Missing any GPU Benchmark Results or having trouble with one of your builds? Let me know in the comments.


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Thank you for updating this!


Why is the 1070ti not listed in the benchmarks? I only see the 1070…


Hi there, quick question from me as well!

I could not find the GTX 1060 6gb in the Benchmark. I am currently trying to decide between GTX 1060 6gb and 1070 8gb.

Does GTX 1060 6gb perform so much lower that it is not even on the list? Or was it not tested?
I’m more concerned about real-time renders (c4d – Octane) and how well GTX 1060 6gb could handle those in comparison to the 1070 8gb.

Pardon if the question is silly.


Where can I get the Redshift Benchmark??

Martin Rehbock

Hi, I need a GPU for Octane/Redshift.
My budget isn’t that big so I have to decide between the 980ti and the 1070, in games I saw the 1070 makes a better performance but for example in the octane benchmark results the 980 ti has a better score, so this is really confusing for me and I don’t know which is better now.
At first I thought about a 1080ti but as I saw that the difference between a 980ti ti to a 1080ti is only about 30% I thought it isn’t worth it to pay 500€ more just for a few minutes so yeah.
The 980ti isn’t the newest card on the market so I was also wondering about the perfomance if it’s enjoyable to work with or annoying, so maybe you could also tell me something about that 😀

I would be really happy if you reply me 😉