Where To Buy Custom GPU Backplates [And which Brand to choose]

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Where do you get custom GPU backplates and why should you be getting them in the first place?

In this article I’ll be taking a deep dive into GPU backplates, what makes custom GPU backplates unique, and what your best options for buying custom GPU backplates are.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and start answering these questions!

What Are GPU Backplates?

A GPU backplate is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

What is a GPU Backplate

A GPU backplate serves as a solid covering for the back of your GPU, providing some shielding to what would otherwise be an open PCB (printed circuit board).

A properly-mounted GPU with a solid backplate may also show some more resistance to GPU sag.

What Makes Custom GPU Backplates Different From Regular GPU Backplates?

Most GPU backplates that come with your GPU will fall into the description outlined above— basically just a PCB shield.

Custom GPU backplates are a little more specialized, and their purpose can vary.

The two most prominent types of custom GPU backplates are RGB GPU backplates and liquid-cooled GPU backplates.

Types of GPU Backplates

Source: V1 Tech & EKWB

The most common variety of the two custom backplate types outlined above certainly are RGB GPU backplates. There are many providers of RGB GPU backplates around the web, but not all of them are made quite equally, and the poorly-done ones can raise your temperatures.

Less common but still fairly welcome and appreciated are liquid-cooled GPU backplates. These are expected to be used in conjunction with a GPU waterblock to fully replace your existing GPU cooler by integrating your GPU into a liquid cooling custom loop.

Components of a Custom Loop

“Custom loop” liquid cooling refers to liquid cooling where you install, put together, and route everything yourself.

Custom loops are more expensive and require much more legwork to install and maintain over the years, but offer improved performance. Compared to a standard All-In-One liquid cooler, which only cools the CPU, you can get a custom loop to cool nearly everything on your PC.

For people already using or considering a custom loop, a custom liquid-cooled GPU backplate alongside a GPU waterblock can help aggressively minimize your GPU temperatures.

Where To Buy Custom GPU Backplates

EKWB (Nvidia Link) (AMD Link)

If you’re looking for custom GPU backplates that actually improve your GPU performance, EKWB is the best place to look.

EKWB GPU Backplates

Image Credit: EKWB

EKWB is known for making custom cooling hardware for a variety of GPUs already, specifically GPU waterblocks and other custom loop liquid cooling components.

EKWB’s GPU backplates are custom liquid-cooled GPU backplates, which can be used with a GPU waterblock to cool your GPU from both sides.

Besides the performance benefit offered by liquid cooling, EKWB’s GPU backplates also support RGB lighting.

V1 Tech

If you’re looking into custom GPU backplates solely for aesthetics or covering up your PCB, V1 Tech is my top recommendation.

V1 Tech GPU Backplates

Image Credit: V1 Tech

V1 Tech effectively popularized the recent push for custom GPU backplates, especially custom RGB GPU backplates.

They specialize in a variety of custom RGB GPU backplates, most of which are emblazoned with custom designs before you start controlling the lighting. You can even pay them to send you a custom GPU backplate with your own provided design!

Reputable Sellers on Other Sites

If you’re going to buy GPU backplates from vendors other than the two mentioned above, be sure that you’re doing so from a reputable seller and that you are buying a GPU backplate that is actually compatible with your graphics card.

Check the manual and specs sheet of any backplate you want to buy to ensure compatibility.

Through most of my research for this article and sorting through reviews, EKWB and V1 Tech clearly come out on top as the most popular Custom GPU backplate providers.

There are other sites providing custom GPU backplates, but they seem to have almost no online presence outside of their site, including reviews, so I chose to omit them from this article.


Do GPU Backplates Raise Your GPU Temperatures?

Depends on the backplate!

A GPU backplate that comes pre-installed with a GPU isn’t going to make any noteworthy impact on the GPU’s temperatures, of course. Meanwhile, custom liquid-cooled GPU backplates will actively reduce your GPU temperatures.

However, RGB GPU backplates can serve to increase your GPU temperatures. If you buy from V1 Techs or another reputable provider, this shouldn’t be by more than 2-3 degrees Celsius at most.

Other providers can slack in this key area, though, resulting in RGB backplates that look pretty but worsen your system thermals and performance.

Do GPU Backplates Actually Protect Your GPU?

About as much as one could reasonably expect them to.

A GPU backplate won’t really do much against catastrophic damage, like liquid spilling or your PC dropping onto a hard surface from a high enough place.

However, a GPU backplate will help shield your GPU’s PCB from dust and other debris, making it much easier to keep your GPU clean and presentable whenever you’re cleaning out your PC.

Over to You

And that’s all!

I hope this article taught you everything you needed to know about custom GPU backplates and where you should be getting them from.

Do you have any other questions about GPU backplates or GPUs in general? Feel free to ask them in the comments, or head over to our Forums to engage with the CGDirector Community and other members of the team!

Until then or until next time, stay safe and rest well. And remember: liquid cooling may improve your performance, but RGB does not. RGB just looks pretty.

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