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2 x 3060s?


Matt Brown

Hi Friends,
I'm sure everyone's sick of talking about graphics cards at the moment....BUT...

I use octane!
I'm currently using a 2060 super, bought it last September and boy was I lucky! I also have a system with a 1660 Ti
I'm looking to upgrade.

Do you think 2 x 3060s is a viable option in this day and age,
I can get 3060s for £600($844) each, their octane bench score for two of them is 571.
For reference a 3080 has an octanebench score (2020.1) of 549, though I'm not sure how much they're going for though, probably £1200/$1700,
Also there's a nice 12gb of VRAM available which is appealling as I love big scenes.

My only other option is a prebuilt HP Omen 30L which includes a 3080 for £2100 ($3000)
i7 10700k
500mb NVME + 512gb SSD
RTX 3080
Coolermaster platinum+ 750w power supply

Do any of these stand out as clear winners or should I just sit tight and count myslef lucky?