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Announcing CGDirector's Weekly Newsletter

Jerry James

Jerry James

Hardware Nerd @ CGDirector
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Jun 19, 2020
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Hello everyone! We've been receiving requests from our readers to also cover CG news on both the software and hardware side of things - faster than our extensive coverage usually gets to it. Sort of a quick read-through where you can catch up on new releases, updates to popular software, and other happenings in the world of CG. To this end, we've started a newsletter to keep everyone updated on news relevant to our audience so you won't need to waste time sifting through irrelevant information, and still remain caught-up with anything important.

As of now, we're covering the following:
  • Hardware News
  • Software News
  • Major Changes in the CG industry
  • Rumours (marked as such)
  • Latest Versions of Popular Software
You can sign up for this weekly newsletter using this link :)

This thread is open for any suggestions about the topics we're covering or the frequency of the newsletter. Please go ahead and tell us about it here!
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